Here is some ideas from my upcoming book…


…from idea to profit…

by Aaron Bare

? The idea (innovation or problem/solution)

The idea.  The napkin.  The epiphany.  The Breakthrough.  The story.   The summary.  The problem.  The solution.  The magic.  The differentiator.  The innovation.   The opportunity.    The risk.  The timing.  The plan.  The project.  The model.

The model (strategy/value proposition/operations)

The idea.   The story.   The strategy.   The business.  The company.  The service.  The product.  The leadership.  The management. The money.   The operations.  The processes.   The technology.   The people.   The advantage.   The competition.  The customer.  The suppliers.  The value.    The execution.   The loop.

The loop (marketing)

The model.  The Technology.  The Marketing.  The brand.  The trends.  The Social Media.  The Networks.  The Buzz.  The WOM.  The story.   The niche.  The keywords.  The website.  The microsites.  The funnel.

The funnel (sales)

The loop.  The industry.  The cycle.  The story.  The rapport. The questions.   The network.  The objections.  The sale.  The service. The referrals.  The feedback.  The follow-up.  The profit.

The profit (financials)

The funnel.  The idea.  The model.  The loop.  The dashboard.  The leftover. The value.  The breakeven.  The growth.  The changes.  The reasons.  The story.  The revenue.  The profit.  The exit.  $


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