Aaron is the Thunderbird Entrepreneur in Residence, Innovation Expert and a Social Media Strategist. He has a new book coming out soon, “Launch; from idea to profit.” He is also a thought leader around Buzz Mouth, a new holistic strategy that creates and manages distributed content across the web with Microsites.

Latest personal press:

New Entrepreneur in Residence
The Walker Center for Global Entrepreneurship (WCGE) is pleased to announce our new Entrepreneur in Residence—Aaron Bare.

Aaron is the definition of a serial entrepreneur. He has sold five businesses including a global job board, a recruiting company, a CRM, a leading cultural assessment company, and a national sales association. He has experience in angel investing, raising venture capital and working with investment banks. In 2008, Aaron was selected as 35 under 35 Entrepreneurs in Arizona and nominated to 40 under 40. His companies and projects have won Addy’s, Webby’s, Telly’s, Web Awards and they have been elected as the Kennedy 2007 Most Innovative Company of the Year, 2008 Comerica Business of the Year, and 2008 Arizona Small Business Innovator of the Year. Aaron recently sold his interest in his last company and now looks to make an impact helping Thunderbird students work through the entrepreneurial process. He was also a former management consultant with Accenture and money manager with the Vanguard Group. He has a MA from Indiana University and will graduate this fall from the Executive MBA here at Thunderbird. Aaron lives in Phoenix with his wife Jenn, daughter Bali and dog Buddy. He has also traveled to over 60 countries.

Aaron will be available to students, faculty, alumni and staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm starting Tuesday, September 29. Please contact Carol Pacelli at carol.pacelli@thunderbird.edu or 602-978-7256 to schedule an appointment.

Aaron Bare found and built several companies that have succeeded and failed.   He enjoys the startup process of building a model, finding money, selling the first widget, spreading the word about his projects and exiting as graceful as possible.


Buzz Mouth

Career Tours

Buzz Groups


Nurse Tours

National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)

Complete Strategy


Jobing TV


And over 300+ other websites…


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