Aaron Bare is interested in working with companies as a business advisor.   Companies that could benefit the most are internet, technology oriented, looking to grow and open to change.

Aaron Guarantees 10 times ROI on all projects.


  • Startup Consultation – Aaron has started and sold 5 companies.
  • Exit strategies – Aaron has sold 5 companies.
  • Product Management – including product marketing, Aaron has launched over 300+ products, technology, retail and manufacturing.   He is certified by Pragmatic Marketing.
  • Business Plan strategies – Aaron has raised over $85 million.
  • Social Media Marketing strategies – Aaron owns Buzz Mouth, works with NFL, Fortune 500 and startups alike.
  • Sales and Marketing Technology integration strategies – key role Aaron plays with companies.
  • Sales and Marketing integration strategies – alignment = 2x potential sales.
  • Guerrilla Marketing strategies = get your team busy doing the small stuff that counts.

Or you can engage Buzz Mouth for special services including Website Design, Microsite Strategies, Landing Page Optimization, Mobile Applications, Mobile Strategies, iPhone Applications, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Facebook Applications, Custom Facebook Pages, Twitter Execution, Listening tools, Linking Strategies, Blog Creation, Content Engine or Managing Ad Networks for clients.


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