Gross National Happiness

By Authur C. Brooks

Here is an outline to Brooks prescription for Gross National Happiness:

  1. Right or left, political extremism is bad for our nation’s happiness.
  2. American’s must defend its tradition of religious faith.
  3. Family life must be protected.
  4. We should be quick to defend “freedom”, but slow to abridge it.
  5. For happiness, our national priority should be “success”, not just economic growth.
  6. We must look for ways to promote “opportunity”, not economic equality.
  7. We must “celebrate our work”, not impose greater leisure.
  8. A happy America must continue to be a “giving” nation.
  9. Happiness is “easiest” to find in limited government.

My key takeaway in this data driven book are that equality of opportunity not outcome.   Then also freedom to pursue and succeed in our own endeavors as individuals drive happiness for individuals and nations alike.

This is a great read for the New Year.   Happy New Year everyone!



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