The new virtual office

Buzz Mouth has offices in Phoenix and New York City. Yet, the office looks more like this most of time. Is rent and office space going away?

All Buzz Mouth consultants are armed to be on client site and the offices often are empty. The future for going to an office is going to be the past for us as our team tele-commutes from far corners of the world, cafes, airports and rental cars.

Kudo’s to Apple for giving us everything we need in less than 3 pounds. It makes for a lightweight office.


2 thoughts on “The new virtual office

  1. Although I’m not a big fan of Apple, I do agree that the need for full-time office space is diminishing as more people are apt to use an actual office for client and important staff meetings. Otherwise, you can have the root of your company at their home offices communicating through visual aids (applications), vido chats, phone, and emails to task up resources and make each day productive no matter where you’re locale is.

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