Design goes beyond brands…

Design can make brands.

Look at Apple versus Microsoft? Apple’s designs and product development create their brand.

Look at NetFlix versus Blockbuster? NetFlix is beating BlockBuster with a good designed experience. Simple. Repetitive. Efficient.

Other companies that have designed their experiences and created a brand in the design:

Starbucks is a designed experience you pay a premium for, from the menu to the colors. They tap into your total senses.

Lexus is in the design business as their commercials are rarely about the car, they are about their innovations and features. The car sells itself.

Apple is a design company, look at every product, packaging, their stores, it is all designed and makes up their brand, including the white backgrounds in their commercials.

IDEO is an innovation consultancy create world class designs, I believe this is a place I could work forever. Is it really work, when you love it.

Google is a simple design that changed the world and created $23 Billion in revenue, more than 90% of the worlds countries GDP’s.

Facebook has won the social network war with design, simplicity and repetition. Limiting features, yet turning over their platform to whomever wants to create an application.

I used to want to focus my career on building brands, until one day – I figured out that design makes brands more than any advertising or marketing. If companies can focus on human-centered designs, they are likely to remove the friction and create an easy way to grow their business.

Our future is a designed experience. Is your life designed? Your self, your fitness, home, furniture, car, restaurants you go to or your office, community or entertainment experiences. If not, they could be. The memorable ones are – Cirque du Soliel, etc.

You get it, right. Start designing now.


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