The Buzz Mouth Story

Buzz Mouth is an online buzz and word of mouth marketing firm emphasizing social media strategies focused on social media optimized microsites. A microsite is a focused website on a specific offering, service or product. We take microsites and make them powerful conversion machines bringing together Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Optimization and Email Marketing.

Once we get people to your microsite we build a smart well branded site that guides people through your content and messaging with several call to actions and persuasion architecture. This simply provides a turnkey marketing solution for our clients.

Focus on Microsites

Microsites sound straight forward and simple. Yet, the way we approach them, we make sure we funnel traffic from many sources and give a microsite the best chances for success.

We look to design a microsite around your brand and share your culture throughout the pages. We will create process and flow throughout your site, when you see it, you will know it is unique to anything you have ever seen. The site will automatically move you along as you share your story and engage potential customers in a relationship.

Finally, we take all this and start to develop the socialization of the microsite. We do this with social media, search, email and content. The entire process takes about 10 business days. We develop and implement everything for our clients or give them the playbook, your call.

Integrating Social Media

Content is now distributed across the web, just about any place you look, from email to websites. With this, what makes content stand out? We have created a list of 15 different types of social media and are able to analyze which perform the best for the required outcomes. This intelligence is from over 100 million visitors to sites we have worked on.

Developing several communities around your product, service, political campaign, event or company is smart business. The world is changing as search continues to grow and social networks start to absorb people’s time on the internet. It is important to be where your customer is and share what you want to share with them. Make sure you have a purpose and solve a problem with every interaction. The web is fundamentally shifting and we believe it is shifting towards microsites loaded with specific content.

Driving traffic to your Microsite

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL direct 90% of the traffic on the web. They scower billions of pages and content and look for relevancy. From our experience, microsites can provide that experience in a smart focused effort. We combine this with social media, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and email marketing and we have a magical solution.

Search Engine Optimization

Learning the behaviors of your customers is our job. We dive deep into what they are searching for to create 5 keywords that will yeild the most results for each page. We take the microsite apart and drive trafic to each page within it. This allows us to take people to their level of interest and the content that is most relevant to them.

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising can be some of the best advertising if created with a strategy and content in mind.

Search engine marketing can provide instant results and change a companies sales pipeline overnight. We have proven this time and time again as companies learn from over 10 years of experience and 100’s of clients. Beyond search, we can drive results through email.

Email Marketing

Email is the most popular feature that the web has brought to us. I would argue it is the killer app. We will build, manage and host all your email communications dealing with the microsites we develop and/or landing pages within your microsites.

We find it very important to share your message in a way that drives traffic and results for your online campaigns. The most important driver for email marketing is a call to action and cotent. For more information about our process and to get started with us Contact us now >


One thought on “The Buzz Mouth Story

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