Going Completely Digital

I am going completely digital, no more paper anywhere.   I am going to save as many as 60-80 hours a month as well.   How much is your time worth?

Here are some solutions worth considering:

Mail to text by Earth Class Mail:

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail

I can even mail all my important documents here for safe keeping (and) if I wanted have an address on Park Avenue.

Voicemail to quick text by Phone Tag:


Put all your documents in the cloud:


I also scanned everything on a Canon Scanner in my house: pictures, CD’s, documents, video’s (DVD’s) and put them into a cloud that I can access from anywhere.   All is this can be accessed on my iPhone.  I even have a SlingBox, where I can access my DirecTV on the road.   Yet, Hulu is gaining my attention to watch TV.   All of this is environmentally friendly and smart business, keeps me tidy and focused.  No wasted time.  I’m living like I have a team of 10 behind me, team BARE.    Finally, I also have my personal assistant at GetFriday.   They access my schedule, obtain business appointments, create proposals, research leads, organize all incoming communications including email, voicemails (PhoneTag), mail (Earth Class Mail), buy tickets, act as my concierge, count my calories, remember birthdays, send out Thank You cards, manage my house keeping, buy groceries online and have them delivered.   So just about anything that takes time can be done my team of assistants overseas.   Other things that have changed my life, online banking and debit cards – budgeting and organizing my purchases is great for month end financial analysis (all on my iPhone) and then there is LifeLock, which is protecting my credit and guaranteeing it.

All of these services combined are less than $500 a month and make my life easy.   I can focus on the important task.   Many people ask how I get it all done.   Now you know.   I can literally work from anywhere and get 3-4 times accomplished.   Now if someone could do my Thunderbird MBA homework for me.


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