My Personal Social Media Strategy

Integrating the systems:

I have built a system now to manage my personal social media strategy. Enabling me with one click anywhere in my network to update all. If I update in one place, it automatically gets cross-posted to Facebook, Twitter, WordPress Blog(, SlideShare, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr all with tinyurl’s and links using a combination of TwitterFeed and Feedburner.

Beauty is I can do this all from my iPhone and with the new 3G s coming out with cut/paste and attach. I can ditch the laptop. I can ditch the FlipCam with the new Video integration on the iPhone. No more digital camera needed with 3.2 Megapixel iPhone. No more voice recorder. I could go on and on. If you cannot tell, I am a fan of the iPhone. Technology has turned the corner to make things simpler now, I’m embracing.

If you want to embrace and integrate everything, contact me. I’ll gladly share the method to end the madness of multiple updates.


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