Live Scribe and iPhones

Another idea:

Simply use notes and record.  The recording then can be found by the highlighted notes, exactly like it works with Live Scribe.   Another blog had this post below.

Remember the D5 tech convention? If so you may also remember a product created by Livescribe called the Smartpen. If not let me fill you in.

Livescribe has launched a pen which is similar to some digital pens out there today, except it is better. The Smartpen which will come out in quarter 1 of 2008, will be able to visually record your notes so they can be viewed on a computer. Also, it records audio. When it combines these to functions, magic occurs. If I were to go to a class and sit through a lecture taking notes on paper, I may not remember what context I took those notes under. Problem solved! Because now with my smartpen, I can just tap on part of my notes and it will replay the audio that was recorded at the time I was writing those precise words. There are many other awesome functions it can perform.

My idea is that Apple partners with, or at least allows Livescribe to develop iPhone integration. Pages may be uploaded, and then stored on the phone for later viewing without a computer. Imagine note taking on real paper getting transferred into notes on the iPhone automatically without use of the phone. Reviewing a lecture would be easy both on the phone and with the pen. This mobile version could email the pages to others immediately after captured on paper. There are so many possibilities with a partnership like this.  Apple, Livescribe, please make it happen!


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