Record your life

Life is getting simpler as we begin to use more complex technologies in smarter ways to record nearly everything we do:

Voice Notes – iPhone application to record notes to self, to do list, etc.

Flip Cam – Flip it out and film, quick and easy edit and upload.

LiveScribe – Audio and notes recorded for every meeting and class you take.

Semantic Calendar – tie it all together, save dates, events, ties times of Voice Notes, Live Scribe and Flip Cam into a series of events.

Facebook reminds me of friends Birthdays. reminds me of their preferences, adds leads for business automatically and passes information universally among my domains.

iPhone calls will all be recorded, transferred to text, text will be logged too.

Video conferences – WebEx can log and save all conference calls, video of it and PowerPoints.

Slideshare – all PowerPoints can be logged and shared

iTunes – Music played or listened to with iTunes tag and/or digital plays.

iPhoto pictures – time and location stamped, so record where you are in pictures.

Documents – time dated and organized within a calendar.

Web History – what sites have you gone too. – tracks financial life in one place.

Lose it – tracks health nutrition and exercise in one place.   Soon energy will be tracked for peak performance with intake and outtake of calories, exercise and heart rate.

geo-tracking – every step we take can be tracked now.

RFID Inventory will assess wardrobe, furniture and ownership of everything, creating a virtual assessment of everything.

Purchase and Spending habits can be analyzed with

All of this information can be organized in an effective way to remember, track and create a world of organization.   As we get more sophisticated, we will be able to automatically semantically match all of these various recording devices together.   Automatically organizing your digital life, which will be your life.


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