Indiana Bare and the Temple of Opportunity

Yes, I always wanted to be Indiana Jones or 007.   Here are some of the more adventurous things I have done.  From these adventures, I have been to over 60 countries and all 50 states.

  1. Completing MBA from Thunderbird, #1 in International Business
  2. Flight wing touched pavement in Detroit and skidded the plane to a halt
  3. Sailed a Rainbow 24 to Bareboat Sailing Certification at Annapolis Sailing School
  4. Surfed North Beach, Hawaii
  5. On boat that navigated 100 foot swells on the Pacific Ocean
  6. Took Private Pilots Lessons
  7. Rolled a Golf Cart in Mexico
  8. Dove off a 80 foot bridge in Maine
  9. Season Skiing Pass to Telluride
  10. Climbed Mount Washington, highest peak on East Coast
  11. Solo Skydive over Arizona, parachute caught under arm spinning me out of control
  12. Smoked an Herb with a Bushman Chief in South Africa out of an Oryx bone
  13. Sat on the Taj Majal for a sunrise
  14. Completed PADI Scuba Diving Certification on Seal Island in Baja, California
  15. Experienced complete darkness half way between Brazil and South Africa, mid-Atlantic
  16. Crossed over a broken bridge on Taroko Gorge in Taiwan during an Earthquake
  17. Skied the moguls at Killington, Vermont
  18. Sang and danced the Shabby Blue on stage in a Nightclub in Taipei
  19. Celebrated New Years in Times Square with Dick Clark literally
  20. Played $1,000 a hand blackjack in Vegas
  21. Spoke on the same stage as the Dalai Lama, Keynote for Global Sales Conference
  22. Tossed dynamite out of a pickup in Mexico blowing holes in the side of the desert
  23. Hitch hiked from Osaka to Tokyo and took a free Bullet train back with a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
  24. Played soccer with a semi-pro Central American team
  25. Signed Dan Marino’s autograph more than once
  26. Took the midnight train from Nairobi to Mombassa, Kenya
  27. Drove a car at 160 mph, motorcycle at 140 mph, train at 200 mph and flown over 200 mph
  28. Walked several miles of the Great Wall of China
  29. Won a walking race in Washington DC, #1 in my age category
  30. Visited Tuscany with wife, driving a Fiat village to village
  31. Completed Rapport Leadership, Landmark, Goal Achievers and PSI Seminars leadership development programs
  32. Attended the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400, pit pass to Indy
  33. Walked the beach and temples in Pondicherry, India
  34. Danced on the rooftops of Chicago
  35. Performed a Standup Comedian act with standing ovation (think Tony Little on Steroids)
  36. Watched a Grizzly Bear jump into a Mini-van to get some marshmallows
  37. Went to Oakland Raiders game with a Green Bay Packer Jersey on, survived running for exit
  38. Jumped dirt bike across creek
  39. Survived driving in Rome, Italy
  40. Held a few infamous parties: Daytona, Cat House, and Arizona Pool Party.  If you were there, you know
  41. Ate every kind of meat you can think of at the Carnivore Cafe in Nairobi, Kenya
  42. Wine Tours in Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Napa, Santa Barbara, Italy and France.
  43. Visited the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon at Teotuhuacan
  44. Completed several 10k and mini-marathons and soon a marathon and triathlon races
  45. Ate crab for the first time on the Mekong delta, Vietnam
  46. Completed a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies
  47. Was in an Earthquake in Taiwan, boulders trapped our car
  48. Buried Jeep in several feet of mud off-roading
  49. Escaped pirates off the coast of Malaysia and Thailand aboard SS Universe
  50. Attended the Kentucky Derby and Breeders Cup
  51. Spent the night in Juvenile Hall, my record is expunged now, clean as a whistle
  52. Swam in 140 degree Volcano Water near Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
  53. Drove Corvette around corner at 110 mph at Bondurant Race School
  54. Stood 5 feet from a wild Buffalo in Yellowstone NP
  55. Negotiated Penthouse Suite for family at Resorts International, Atlantic City at age 12.
  56. Celebrated Carnival in San Salvador, Brazil
  57. Sailed Sydney Harbor with the Sydney Yacht Club membership
  58. Visited abandoned palace of monkeys in rural Jaipur, India
  59. White Water rafted level 5 rapids on the Gauley in West Virginia
  60. Had a gun pulled on my twice, both times gun went off in different direction
  61. Completed executive education at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and the Geneva Institute.
  62. Slept in a tree on an Africa Safari, while herds of animals moved under me all night
  63. Took a zip line over 1,000 feet down
  64. At the 7th game of the 2001 World Series when the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees
  65. Spent weekend doing community service in Emergency Room helping with triage
  66. In high school, hung out with a friendly gang called the “40 ounce crew”
  67. Car was attacked by an aggressive mob of monkeys in Tanzania
  68. Completed low and high ropes courses near Clear Lake in Northern California and also in Nevada Desert near Area 51
  69. Played in an International Basketball game against the India National B team
  70. Shot skeet first time
  71. Visited Mayan ruins in Tecal, Guatemala
  72. MVP of Tri-State College Soccer Tournament, 6 goals 9 assist, had pneumonia that weekend
  73. Walked across the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge
  74. Participated in a folk Catholicism ceremony in rural Brazilian town
  75. Crash landed a Cesna airplane into a winery in South Africa
  76. Visited a German settlement in mountains of Venezuela
  77. Saved wife from undertow in Bali, Indonesia on our honeymoon
  78. Traded a few dozen Bic pens for a life sized wooden carved Masai warrior
  79. Got lost in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China
  80. Island hopped outside San Salvador, Brazil
  81. Went to Final 4 in coed Volleyball tournament in Daytona Beach, Florida
  82. Camped with a group of Deer at a park in Nara, Japan, litterly leaned up against a wild deer.
  83. Sat at same table with John Cougar Mellencamp in Bloomington, Indiana enjoying some of his live music
  84. Dated Runner-up Miss Guatemala for 2 weeks, then chased out of Guatemala by Military Guerrilla’s, long story
  85. Blew glass with a famous glass maker in Venezuela
  86. Hitch hiked Europe for 3 weeks for $1,000.
  87. Went to the Masters golf tournament in 2004
  88. Watched the “aurora borealis” dance across the sky while sailing in Bering Straight in Alaska
  89. Climbed Four Peaks in 4 foot of snow
  90. Rappelled down a cliff in Northern California
  91. Had deer jump over car driving on an Indiana highway
  92. Chased by a bear in Kings Canyon National Park
  93. Sat in isolation for 48 hours in California wilderness, ask me about the hummingbird and snakes
  94. Crashed the 1996 International Wine Convention in Barcelona Spain, with Press Credentials
  95. Visited the worlds smallest volcano, Taal in Tagatay, Philippines
  96. Took off and landed in a sea plane
  97. Ate live drunken shrimp at fine Hong Kong dinner
  98. Partied with David Bowie and Iman in Cape Town, South Africa
  99. Laughed for 6 weeks at Accenture Boot Camp at the St. Charles campus.  Thanks to Tariq Afeef and Ynzo Van Zanten!
  100. Sailed a yacht in Hawaii while a Whale swam back and fourth under the boat blowing water upwards
  101. Participated in the birth of my daughter Bali

Thanks for sharing a walk down memory lane, I have been blessed and look forward to the next 100 outstanding adventures.   Each brings a grin, smile and chuckle.    I hope you make a list of your own.

Next up:

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  2. Hyper Island, Sweden
  3. Santiago, Chile
  4. Cuzco and Macchu Pichu, Peru
  5. The Great Pyramids of Egypt
  6. Petra in Jordan
  7. The City of Jerusalem
  8. The tomato festival and run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  9. Antarctica – the last frontier
  10. Cruise the Caribbean and Mediterranean

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