Overnight Success

Is overnight success possible in this day and age?   Silently organizing the crowds and leveraging their connections and interest groups facilitates what I want to call:  The Silent Success.   These companies that did not run traditional mass-advertising to become successful, they leveraged the crowds that started to appear around their products and enabled them to move the message forward.   This is one way that marketing has changed in the last 5 years and will continue to change moving forward.

Ning  – build your own community for any reason

KickApps – customizable communities

EBay – sell anything, created more millionaires than any other site

YouTube – fastest growing site ever, video is viral

Hulu – reinventing TV

Blogger – the first major blogging tool

WordPress – the next generation of blog tools

Photobucket – photos are social, people want to see them

CraigsList – sell anything, this low tech site remains a top destination

Adobe – invented the tools for web development

Apple – reinventing creativity and the marriage between hardware and software

About – what to know anything, about.com usually will come up in your search

LiveScribe – record your life

Scribd – share your PowerPoints

iPhone – a new platform for smart phones, 51% of smart phone traffic

Blackberry – the official office phone

Flickr – the most popular photo application

Flipcam – 20% of camcorder market, easy to use, capture anything

Facebook – addicting and can keep up with all your friends

LinkedIn – the #1 business network site

MySpace – the first social network, still a leader

Amazon – in 2009, the only retailer with positive news

Google – reinvented search and now many other technologies with their labs

Wikipedia – reinvented the encyclopedia

Twitter – micro-blogging, so you are connected all the time

iTunes – the #1 way to download music

What do all these have to do with each other?   They all move the current value proposition slightly, not reinventing anything from their predecessors.   Innovation is often a few degrees from where we are, not 180 and definitely not reinventing.    My company CareerTours is about 45 degrees from the current market, so it needs time to move towards the market.   The innovation is there, the acceptance of it is not.   The Starfish, Spider, Spoke reinvented the brochure website and how to grow traffic online.  The viral, buzz, word-of-mouth and all the other new unexplainable ways of marketing were leveraged by these new internet giants.  From here, it is our job to figure out the equation for each of the companies we are involved with, we must do this along with the dramatic changes in the marketplace and the psychology of the market.


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