Innovation and Coolness

From consumer products to branding, here is a list to consider when comparing your ideas coolness or innovativeness. 

LiveScribe – a pen that records your conversations.

Wii – interactive gaming.

X Box – where the Wii leaves off.

Flipcam – owns 20% of the camcorder market.

iPhone – owns 51% of the smart phone traffic.

Wikipedia – eliminated Encyclopedia’s overnight. 

Hulu – online television, get ready to cancel your cable.

Slingbox – if you don’t cancel your TV, sling it to your phone or laptop anywhere in the world.

DirecTV – 1,000+ channels, if you still have to have TV.  

FlyBaboo – a great experience, service, brand, design and focus for a European airline.

Fast Co. – magazine coolness, innovation reporter.

BuzzMouth!  Web 2.0 Consultancy.   The future is here.  

Team OBAMA – raised $750 million and changed the way to run a campaign.

Made to Stick – the best marketed book, the next Tipping Point.

Booq Bag – bags made for laptops, not books.

Xplane – a company to explain things visually.

Adobe –  the cool design company from Photoshop to movies.

Apple MBA – cool laptop for the traveling CEO. 

Thunderbird MBA – a global MBA for global leaders.

Hot Yoga – benefits are unlimited – skin, health, fitness, flexibility, relationships. 

Netflix – the new Blockbuster, soon to be replaced by even more innovation.

Google – search for anything, the place to start on the web. 

Facebook – keep in touch with old friends in one place.

LinkedIn – the business network.

Digg – news from the people.

Twitter – micro-bloggers, connect and follow anyone.

ESPN – reinvented sports coverage and TV.

Current Media – reinventing TV again with short segments and independent reporting.

Live Nation – a new way to promote concerts and musicians.

There are many apps of innovation appearing each day.  The barrier to creativity has lowered and the ability to impact the many is now available to everyone.   The platform approach of Facebook, LinkedIN, MySpace, Google, iPhone, iTunes, Podcast, Scribed, etc. has broken the barriers to entry to nearly ZERO.


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