A couple resources from BuzzMouth

Complete Strategery – How social networks are replacing traditional recruiting, sales and marketing 

Bare Selling – 30 days to sales success

BuzzMouth is dedicated to providing the strategic innovations for your team to marry these two resources, lead generation and more sales.   We can create optimized lead systems for our clients and optimize how we manage those leads using technology, process and execution.   

Contact us for more info – 602-334-5287.

One thought on “A couple resources from BuzzMouth

  1. Aaron –

    Just finished reading your Complete Strategery piece. Brilliant stuff – right on the money.

    I’m a traditional copywriter who is leaving the yellfest that is advertising and marketing and sliding over into word-of-mouth and buzz marketing. Much more social, much more interactive, and much greater opportunity for creativity. It realese us from all the boring marketing strategists who need to live by the book.

    Thanks for the great post. If you have any circles to suggest for a newbie, I’d appreciate it. And if you ever need a ghostwriter for that book you desperately need to write (and the marketing community desperately needs to read), keep me in mind.

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