IDEA #14: Start an Association or Social Network

Become an expert, share your opinions and create a community:

Associations I have been involved in starting:

  1. National Association of Sales Professionals (sold)
  2. National Association of Information Technology Professionals (
  3. National Association of Human Resource Professionals (
  4. Association of Gen-Y Entrepreneurs (
  5. Word of Mouth Recruiting Association (
  6. Arizona Venture Capital Network (

And think about 100’s of other emerging niches to fill.    Use KickApps, Ning or other social networking platforms.   From here, it is focusing on your niche, the larger the harder to penetrate.   Focus, execute and grow.   

I have also started a series of Circles:

  1. Alumni Circles
  2. University Circles
  3. ATV Circles
  4. Automotive Circles
  5. Boating Circles
  6. Buzz Circles
  7. BuzzGroups
  8. Car Circles
  9. Career Circles
  10. Charity Circles
  11. Exchange Circles
  12. Franchise Circles
  14. Info Circles
  15. Knowledge Circles
  16. Motorcycle Circles
  17. Opportunity Circles
  18. Picture Circles
  19. Powerboat Circles
  20. Product Circles
  21. Project Circles
  22. Recruiting Circles
  23. RV Circles
  24. Sales Circles
  25. Sailing Circles
  26. Science Circles
  27. Truck Circles
  28. University Circles
  29. Vehicle Circles
  30. Venture Circles

Think of a Circle or Group to start and build a community around yourself.   Last year was the year of the Tour as I brought CareerTours to many industries and niches and this next year will be the year of the Circles.

2 thoughts on “IDEA #14: Start an Association or Social Network

    • There is a great book called “Millennials Rising” that explains this more. “Gen Y” is more sophisticated in their buying practices as they have grown up with advertisements everywhere, computers and an always connected mentality. They have gone to technologies that keep them buffered from ads like Twitter, Text and Cell Phones. The future is mobile and traditional online advertising will have to change to reach this very powerful consumer group.

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