Ideas for Sustainability…

Recycle.  Reuse.  Reduce.  

It is more than just light bulbs, hybrids and renewable energy.   It is consumption, habits, routines and our current grid.   So to alter the way we think about these things, we need to think about in new ways:

What to do with old tires?  Plastics?  Metals?  Paper?    How do we recycle everything?   How do we make this easy and a business decision instead of a just good thing to do?   To me, sustainability is providing the new habits of consumption or altering the way we think about it.  

How do we recycle every last piece of a car?   Homes?   Should we renovate?  When a building reaches its lifespan, do we knock it down for a more efficient building?  How do we build up and renew cities, instead of sprawl suburbia?  How do we re-package everything to recycle, reduce and reuse?   How do we lower consumption?   How do we make trash worth something?  How do we change our current grid to a Smart Grid?  What if the world had no cords? What if we had no electricity outside each product?  Take everything that needs electricity off the grid, by the home, community and eventually cities?
How do we use all these technologies in everything we do?
Solar.  Bio. Geo.  Wind.  Hydro.  Tidal.  Wave.  Organic.  Incineration.
How do we create a car that powers the home?  How do we use every last bit of energy created?   As mentioned in past post, I am working with a Telluride based consortium that could answer and provide a dialogue for many of these topics.   
Is the future in our trash?   I think so…
In future blog post, I will explore these topics more and more as I believe the future has to be green, sustainable and simple.   The simple is often left out.

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