IDEA #11: Companies can recycle, reuse and reduce materials for sustainability and profit.

A green sustainability consulting firm:
Every product needs to become recyclable.  Think about a Car that is completely recyclable.  Companies need to take materials back and reuse them in future production and or sell them back to the market.  Considering this reduces material cost and creates sustainability, nonetheless the potential cost savings.   Imagine buying a product like a TV that is completely independent of the energy grid during its lifetime.   We are not quite there yet, although moving in this direction.  Every single energy source off the grid.   So I think we should explore how every product can become independent of grid, kinetic, bio, solar, wind, geo and other renewable energy sources.   Is this possible?   Well I may be getting involved with a group to conquer some of these issues and more.  Imagine everything independent of the grid, self serving and surviving from its own battery life and longevity.   This has more potential than changing the current grid to a smart grid.   We’ll see how this pans out in the very near future.   Interesting thing to think about…

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