IDEA #9: Jobvites…

This idea is launched and for sale.   One of the many you will see here now and in future blogs.   Jobvites offer employers and candidates the ability to market themselves through video emails.   So imagine if a company could get proactive with their recruiting and with todays recruiting market, imagine candidates being about to put together a portfolio of their work in a video and share it with top employers.  So if you are an employer, you get a text resume vs. a video resume.   This may be a picture of all the work and projects someone has done to a presentation that the candidate has made.  For employers, it is like going through the first interview already.   

Visit…  Let me know of other companies doing this well.   Video resumes are new and not proven.   With video coming to every corner of the web, there is a great future in video resumes, whether some employers resist or not.   Employers also resisted online recruitment 10 years ago.   Now, there are none not using it.    I would love your feedback on this one.


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