IDEA #7: Bare Lofts…

Using my last name only as a parody for simplicity and minimalism, two concepts close to my heart.  And the idea of a loft, means open floorplans with moving walls and so much more.   As you may have seen in a past post, I live in a simple condo and live quite a minimalist lifestyle.  Using elements of the LobLolly Home and Brad Pitt’s Make it Right No La (, homes can become Leed Certified Homes yet low cost and giving back to the grid.  Of course, as in a past blog we must create a smart grid and will lead to local energy.

We can gut buildings, build row houses, and renovate homes with these simple solutions:

  • All windows / glass sliding walls
  • Kitchen islands with tables – built in oven, sink and fridge.
  • Simple bathrooms – shower, sink and a simple head.
  • Wood floors – easy maintenance.
  • Open high ceilings – fans, air flow and lighting.
  • Sliding doors 
  • Community Wireless network – lower cost
  • Roof Mounted Photovoltaic Solar Cells – power the grid
  • Built in shelving
  • Walk in closets
  • Wall mounted televisions…

Homes that the only thing someone needs is a couch and a bed.  Simple.  What else do we really need?   If you know of some home builders moving in this direction, please comment.

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