IDEA #3: Service Net for my iPhone and others Blackberry’s

The iPhone is becoming the center of my world as more and more applications on it solve problems for me everyday.  I have ditched the Personal Assistant as I am able to get more done on my iPhone now.   An amazing breakthrough and efficiency gain.  Yet, there is one application that someone is already probably working on, I call it my Service NET.   I would love to manage all the services I use and keep their numbers and websites in one place, have a link to my bill pay and ultimately organize every part of my lifestyle and routine service providers to one place.

For example:

For Travel – I typically use Southwest or US Airways out of Phoenix.  I would love a link to their websites, have it automatically log me in and be able to automatically pay.  I would love a service like Kayak to search my favorite hotels automatically with the dates I booked my flight.  Travel Agents are dying with all this automation and vacation packages are gone.  

Also, guides, we need more interactive guides for museums, ski resorts, towns, history sites as everything can come alive and interactive on an iPhone application.   So if there is something in your neighborhood you want to bring online or to the iPhone, contact me.

For Home – I would love a place to keep my Maid Service, HOA, Grocery Delivery, Electric Company, Gas Company, Cable Company, Phone Company and any other bill or service that I may use.   I am sure there are more.   

For Auto – The number to the Auto Dealer, AAA, Tow Company, My Insurance Company and Detailer.

If there is such an app, please let me know.  If not, please make one.   I would pay $20+ for such an app.   That’s a lot consider most apps are between $1-3 dollars.  

Who know’s – yet very shortly I may be able to ditch the laptop all together.  It will be me, my lucky jeans and my iPhone traveling in harmony…  They just need to add a video capabilities and a projector to the iPhone and it is the complete productivity tool.   Make presentations from the iPhone Projector (see the Pico Projector from Microvision) and video tape your life – store everything in the Mobile ME Cloud.   Coming soon, I am sure…

I have a list of 1,000+ ideas collected over the years, so check back for more…

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