IDEA #2: Let everyone play the stock market…

CNBC, Think or Swim and nearly everyone else has created mock trading platforms for their clients.   I think there needs to be a game that help people learn, play the market, get exposed to the risk, understand the uncertainty and realize the glory of picking a company on fundamentals and holding for your future.  From students in middle school to traders learning advanced financial engineering, we all need a living laboratory to learn.    This would be more of an idea that takes existing technology, rebrands it and sells a learning game.   This would be a lot better than reading about the stock market, someone like Junior Achievement should champion the cause.   Similar to the Pure Democracy, yet you could take an existing company that has invested in a platform and create an ongoing game for those who would like to learn the basics of investing – duration, risk, asset classes, fundamentals, balance sheets and trading patterns to those who would like to see how advances option spreads work.    

If you are a company that wants to share your trading platform technology or an entrepreneur who wants to run with this idea, connect with me.   If this idea exist, please comment too.

2 thoughts on “IDEA #2: Let everyone play the stock market…

  1. I’ve finished this idea.

    Personally funded – ready to go for schools, individuals, investment advisers and brokers.

    I can do a virtual demo for you tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 4)

    Please contact me to discuss.



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