Nuclear and Electricity

80% of France’s Energy comes from Nuclear.   The amount of plutonium waste needed to create your energy for a year is about the size of a penny or 5 grams.   Compare that to oil, which takes 100’s of barrels.   Now you see a reason to shift to Nuclear as another baseline option.  Unfortunately, coal and oil power still power up our electric companies.   This can change with oil prices over $40 a barrel and with improvements to wind and solar generation.  The bottom line, wind and solar will start to power up, along with Nuclear and this can eliminate much usage of natural gas, coal and oil from powering our electric grid.   First and foremost, we must reinvent the smart grid and move the electricity closer to home.   Much like wireless phones have eliminated the need for the 100’s of millions of miles of copper wire and land lines, electricity from renewable sources will create new options as we make homes smarter with less leakage and more sustainability.    This is a big issue for our generation to solve.

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