A Divided Hawthorne?

Something became clear to me in a moment of randomness.   After posting the Hawthorne affect on my blog and then watching “A Divided Classroom”  I realized that productivity is mostly a contribution of self-esteem and confidence.  Beyond productivity, success is an affect of self-esteem and confidence.   In the Hawthorne affect, peoples belief that something special was happening to them for them.  Then in “A Divided Classroom” the students washed their prejudices away and realized that  blue eye are not better than brown eye and visa versa.   Thereafter, an unforeseen explosion of aptitude among the students created the same affect as the Hawthorne.  She was able to create self-esteem and confidence in 24 hours.   Thereafter, much like the Hawthorne affect, it created instant results among participants after the exercises or test.  

What does this mean?   I am going to take a closer look at this as it may be one reason the US has been so resilient as a melting pot.   We believe we are entrepreneurial, innovative, and risk-takers.  We create these Hawthorne and Divided Classroom experiences artificially and our confidence levels are key to the success of our economy, currency and expectations.   The expectations create results as we put the right energy into what we are expected to do based on our own confidence and self-esteem.   Is this the secret to success.   Can we learn from eliminating our prejudices and understand that confidence is our success.   On a day, when Barack Obama projects more confidence than his opponent, prejudices will be put aside.   We all want to look up to a leader, like him or her and believe in a future.  

Look for more insight into this as this sparks some interesting thoughts for me…


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