Leadership Framework (outcome based)

Know Self + Know Culture + Know Business = Leader.

Leaders = create vision to execute and implement, then communicate and reflect (feedback) on it and circle back to recreate the vision and keep everyone aligned to it.   Performance is aligned with vision, not task or process.  

This creates the right outcomes according to the vision set.

Finally, Leader spend most of their time to develop other leaders with this same process.

At past companies, I have created Mentor and Buddy system for everyone to create supportive connections.   Then we created a performance process that included self assessment, coaching and continual feedback from other supportive roles and from your mentor and buddy.

This process created supportive groups, which we started to build some technology to support the communication, leadership, processes and a project/product based culture, everything has an outcome.

With that, we built a whole new business.   We were building social networks for companies, not intranets with flat information.   We started to build a peer-to-peer platform that drove outcomes.  

So we will be introducing BuzzGroups, by BuzzLabs.net in the near future.

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