Here is a environmental way to save a ton of money.   More to come in future blogs.   I will share how to put a Solar Panel on your home to immediately lower your energy burn.

Yet, for now the cost of a owning a car keeps climbing each year. So here are some stats that may help you decide if Zipcar is right for you.    Turn the lease in and do not get another. 

Car Ownership  
Car: Something similar to a Chevy Impala or Ford Fusion.
Car payment 
(including depreciation)
Finance charges $62
Insurance $80
Gas $78
License, registration, taxes $45
Maintenance and tires $46
Parking on (or near) campus
(estimated by Zipcar)
Total: $644/mo*
$644/mo is a lot of money!
That’s about 81 hours or 11 days of Zipcar driving.
Car: Whatever your whim – a hybrid one day, a truck the next.
If you drive a lot $366/mo
Several trips each week and a weekend trek off campus 
(10 two-hour, 2 three-hour and 
2 daily/24-hour reservations)
If you drive a fair amount $180/mo
A couple trips each week 
(6 two-hour and 2 four-hour reservations)
If you don’t drive much $36/mo
About one trip a week 
(4 one-hour reservations)
You only pay for what you use!

Forty percent of Zipcar members have told us they either sold their car or decided not to buy a car because of Zipcar. With each Zipcar taking 20+ personally-owned cars off the road, think of all the good that’s doing for the environment and community.

Members also tell us they save over $435 a month using Zipcar! They appreciate the low rates, living without the hassle of car maintenance and that we pay for gas, parking and insurance. Oh, the fun new cars don’t hurt either.

*Numbers based on a 2007 AAA study of average driving costs.

For me this would save, over $700 a month on our second car, even if we use it daily.   Crazy to think about, that is over $20 a day in savings.   Now, Zipcar just needs to expand to more neighborhoods than ASU in Arizona.

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