Things to get passionate about…

Here are a few things I am about to get passionate about…

  • Ski instructor for the winter: Helitrax Telluride?  Hire me.
  • White water instructor: put your paddle in the water
  • Learn a second language: Spanish
  • Golf School: shoot par
  • Run a Marathon and complete a Triathlon – putting the miles in…
  • Travel the world this year: Geneva, Dubai and Beijing
  • Culinary Institute of America: Cooking School
  • Day Trader: Think or Swim – options, futures, forex and stocks.  Soon to be the CNBC Million Dollar Winner.   
  • Dance School: Fred Astaire / Authur Murray Ballroom Dancing – get my groove on
  • Adventure Travel: Get a back pack and go: Antartica, Middle East, Silk Road, Africa, Latin America + East Europe – the adventure never ends
  • Bareboat Sailing Certification
  • Bondurant Driving School: 4 day grand-prix course – Certified Race Car Driver!
  • Self-Defense Course – bring it on!
  • Martial Arts: Aikido – I can take you down with my thumb
  • Buy a Gun: Shooting Range, Handheld and Sniper Training
  • Pilots License
  • Helicopter License
  • Hawaii Surf School
  • Glider Ride
  • Hot Air Baloon
  • Hang-Glide
Just do it!  Live passionately…

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