Gobs of Google

Google has the potential to be everywhere.  

With over 6 billion people in the world, 2 billion are already connected by mobile phones.   In 10 years that number will surpass 3 billion or half the worlds population.    The world really is flat.   Companies are capable of moving human capital, technological capital and financial capital with a few clicks.   We live in exciting times.  Especially for Google, who is going to break down the doors to a competitive industry.

So Google’s new phone has the ability to be another platform such as the iPhone.   This along with Google’s link to all the content in the world, provides an exciting user friendly experience for phone users.   The 1 billion new users will come into a phone that is simple and gets them what they want when they want.   Google’s focus on widgets and suggestive thinking from weather, currency rates, math and numerous other search inputs is starting to come back with a better and better user experience.   Their 20% free thinking for all staff is paying off.    There stock will bounce back too.


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