Design a life of favorites…

What makes a human brand?  Is it the cumulative brands affiliated with a person?   If I were a brand, how would I be defined?   Wait, I am a brand.  What is my expertise?   Product Management is my expertise, I live at the cross section of sales, marketing and software development.    I thrive in startup mode and managing projects to fruition.   So does my work define my brand.  No.   I think the things that surround me define my brand.  So work is part of my brand.   How I do it is probably more important.   I am a team player that can be an individual contributor.   I begin with the end in mind and I am a leader of leaders.  I have the skills to think it, create it, develop it, market it, sell it, service it and start over.   Whatever it is…

I will soon be a Thunderbird MBA.   That is a good brand.   #1 in International Business globally.  #2 in leadership skills.  #3 Executive MBA in the world.   Bada boom, bada bing, 1-2-3.   On a resume, this is a brand leader. 

I am also a serial entrepreneur, selling my last 4 companies, working on number 5.    I worked for Accenture, one of the world’s best brands, considered the #1 technology consulting firm by many.  My first employer was the Vanguard Group, the #1 mutual fund company in the world, especially if you like index funds, long term investing and dollar cost averaging.  Hmmm, I recently took a test that said reputation is a big part of how I chose brands.   I see, even the brands that surround me are intentional. Am I really the architect of my life?  My next employer needs to have a great reputation.   Watch out Google, Sun, Amazon, Apple or Microsoft.  Here I come…

I love my Apple iPhone 3G, my Mac Book Air, I also love Microsoft.  What gives there?   I’m a techie and gadget guy.  Extreme early adaptor.   They are all great products and marketed well.   This goes back to product marketing and management.   I want to be the best and work for the best.   So did I design my life around my favorites?   I think so, I deliberately made decisions that moved me towards a life I want to live.  This must explain “The Secret.”   If I put energy into something it grows.  

As far as fashion, I love my Joe Jeans, Cole Haan Shoes and plain white tees.  I love oxford Polo button downs and my Zegna coat.  I dig my Zegna suit as well.  I love my Booq Bag and my Tumi carry-on.   I guess I am always ready to pack up a few thing and traverse around the world for a meeting, party or event.  I think jewelry and most clothes are excessive.   I like the staples – a suit, jeans, t, oxford and haan shoes.   You are good to go, like one of those fashion layouts where 8 pieces of clothing create 28 outfits.   Less is more, just love it all. 

I love to travel, 50+ countries and all 50 states.   I started my international travels in college on Semester at Sea and never plan to slow down.   I continue to put myself in places where I get internationalized.

At home, I love my view (enjoy the scenery), my heavenly bed, my ralph lauren chair and my heavenly shower.   On the road, I love Starwood.  It must be because it reminds me of home or home reminds me of the W or a Westin.  I think life is simpler than we make it – have a great bed to lay your head at night, a comfy chair to sit in and a shower that you enjoy.    The rest just falls into place.  

Wayne Dyer wrote a book on simplicity and it has helped me design my life.  Here are the principles I work to follow: unclutter, unschedule, free time free, get inspired, nature, distance critics, health, play, slow down, eliminate debts, focus on value and remember spirit.

So who am I?   What is my brand?   What am I an expert in? 

I guess I love education and minimalism.  Educated?   Thunderbird MBA.  PMP.  Pragmatic Marketing.  The best of the best.  Minimalist?  Less is more.   What you own, owns you.   I want to be able to be a digital cowboy.   Pack it up and take off.   Make a difference in whatever community I embrace.  Take a stand.  Be heard.   I want to be international.   Globally minded.  Green.   Sustainable.  Carbon Neutral.  Light.  All of this is easy with focus, execution and goals.   The same goes for product management. 

So I am an educated minimalist. The best of the best Product Managers. This is my brand, BRAND ME!


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