Trends, Ideas and Innovation

The creativity complex: how entrepreneurship pursues trends, ideas and innovation.   Every entrepreneur seeks to find the start of a trend, execute on their ideas and live in innovation.

Goals:   Cracking the code.  Having a breakthrough.  Unleashing the killer app.   

My success depends on my ability to digest information, make sense of it and act on it.  As does your success. Trends are the first part of a successful serial entrepreneurs career.

Google has their eye on the trends.   Trends Magazine changes the way I look at the world each month.   Then there is Trendhunter, Trendwatching, Springwise, Killer Startups, Trends Research, Trends on Slideshare, and of course, google “trends.”    

Ideas are only as important as the execution of them.  In a week, look for follow on blogs for Ideas and Innovation.


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