My Top 20 Companies

Here are my top 20 Companies, I will monitor these companies and give you my 1 year annual report, in 365 1/4 days. 

  1. ING (simple savings)
  2. Vanguard (low cost mutual funds)
  3. Think or Swim (trading technology)
  4. Starwood (hip hotels)
  5. Apple (design)
  6. CNBC (market information)
  7. Fast Company (brand magazine)
  8. Starbucks (branded coffee)
  9. Amazon (online sales)
  10. Facebook (social networks)
  11. Slingbox (simple technology)
  12. Microsoft (technology penetration)
  13. Google (search)
  14. Goldman Sachs (investment bank)
  15. American Express (charge cards and services)
  16. Accenture (management consulting)
  17. eBay (auction)
  18. Nike (brand)
  19. Herman Miller (office chairs)
  20. FedEx (next day delivery)

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