People Enterprise Solutions

It starts with the people:

We build People Enterprise Solutions that help CEO’s and their companies focus their strategy on their CORE Value Proposition.   This is Strategic Technology.  Our enterprise platform enables the organization of the value chain from the vendors to the customers that touch the product to communicate, callaborate and execute on each of their value creations within the value chain.

We start with bringing people into the enterprise.

Hire: Within the platform, we have an ATS, Employee Referral Program, Career Center, Job Board platform integration, cross posting capabilities able to integrate with all other recruiting resources through the HR-XML Standard.

Develop:  We build an Intranet that becomes the social network behind the organization. We are able to create online education through our BuzzGroups platform, we will enable a company to analyze their org. chart, value chain and every metric possible from one place.

Retain: We have a cultural performance audit that enables companies to continually get and give feedback from their employees in a confidential manner.  We can create a process that creates democracy and the voice of the customer/employee.    This has created mission, vision and values of the organization.   We also create exit interviews and custom assessments for special needs.

Communication: We have StreamFish technology that enables quick communication from the executive team to the entire team in the field and at the home office.   We can create online education and roll out new initiatives through our BuzzGroups platform.  We are able to get things done with our Results List technology and we have even created a virtual Water Cooler to share social, professional and other events going on around the people enterprise.

Resources: We have created a directory for every department that can continually grow, yet is seeded with the information we have found helpful for other companies.

Sales/Marketing: We have created a CRM/SFA/Marketing Platform integrated with web, mail and VOIP phone.   We can also integrate other solutions within the platform.

Operations: We define your value chain and the processes within it.   We connect why each person on your team is an expert in thier area, yet how they can contribute to the greater enterprise.   Everything is measured and is enabled to be trasparent to both management and the teams completing the task.

Acc’t/Finance: Integrated accounting and finance with online payments, inventory, billing, expense reporting, accounting and integration with QuickBooks, Great Plains, SAP or another accounting software system.

Strategy/Execution: Everything is integrated with a single Dashboard.   We focus on the execution of the people enterprise through strategic technology.   This monitors both internal and external value and the execution of the enterprises objectives.

It ends with the results.

This enables a company to ramp-down to their core competency over time eliminating redundancy and becoming more competitive within their industry.  We guarantee a 10 times return on investment as this simplifies so many parts of the enterprise and starts to measure everything.   With measurement, we can prove our ROI.  Pricing begins at $500,000 and can be implemented within 3-6 months depending on the complexity.   We can consider both equity and payment for the investment to the Evans Bare People Enterprise.  Beyond the above proven modules, we can create custom solutions for a company that has specific issues.

For more information on Evans Bare Strategic Technology and our People Enterprise Solutions, contact me at

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