Automatic Life

Automatic Life
By Aaron Bare

In search for the perfect alignment with my goals, I came up with a nifty process to eliminate excess, organize what I have and focus on what I want. I have created the Automatic Life.

Here is where it starts (not that it starts with money, yet we know that life is only automatic if money is taken care of):

Direct Deposit
Automatic Retirement – 401K/IRA/SEP
Bill Pay for all Bills
Personal Assistant (I have one from Get Friday for $360 month)
Outsource Everything (Cleaning, Dry-Cleaner, Laundry, Groceries – have PA manage)
Live within your means – eliminate debts

Simplify – Wayne Dyer has 12 principles that resonate with me – Unclutter, Unschedule, Health, Nature, Eskew debt, Play, Free time free, Get inspired, Slow down, Distance critics, Seek value, Remember spirit

Find Balance
Pursue Passion

Create Revenue Streams
Develop a Network Plan
Develop support structure
Identify Professional Associations to align
Become an expert at something
Define your professional team – Accountant, Lawyer, etc.
In your business – outsource all that does not directly add value (PR, HR, Legal, Accounting, etc.)
Continuously learn and grow

Set Goals
Affirm daily
Define your habits
Design your life
Understand your brand
Live in the moment

This is a growing list of how I have organized my life to be automatic. The clarity of my future is incredible. For one, I am focused on CareerTours and everyday we move closer to the goals of making it exactly what I dreamed up. We actually accomplish goals faster with everything else out of the way. Other priorities balancing me out are my health and family. I always make time for travel and long weekends to refresh, my job is my hobbie – so I enjoy the long hours and accomplish a ton. Last bit of advice – do what you love and everything else falls into place. Cheers!

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