A Positive Outlook for Sales Professionals in 2008 and Beyond

A Positive Outlook for Sales Professionals in 2008 and Beyond

By Aaron Bare

The workforce will face a shortage of 10 million professionals by 2010 according to U.S. Department of Labor. This might sound surprising as we are facing an uncertain economy and stories of job loss around the country increases. The truth is, the mix of talented professionals in the corporate world is shrinking due to baby boomers retiring or stepping away, and no position is harder to fill than sales. This has always been true and will remain so in the foreseeable future.

There is a reason why sales positions are so difficult to keep filled. Businesses cannot grow without them, and the best sales people are rarely on the job market. Recruiting this class is extremely difficult for employers and will only get harder as the work force shrinks overall and the market gets saturated with more and more messages.

For the HR industry, this information is not new and many employers are already ramping up on new technologies to help keep their sales teams staffed. Here are a few ways how they’re doing it:

1. They’re attending Sales Conferences like Career Concepts Sales & Marketing Events. Getting in front of many candidates at once to learn about as many candidates to make the best decision for their sales team. Candidates are also drawn to these events as they take a room full of quality employers and allow top sales talent to interview the employers.

2. They’re getting viral. Most employers have already learned that to get in front of the best sales candidates, they need to be right in front of them all the time. This means they have to be online. Interactive job postings, are finding their way to every major online networking tool such as LinkedIn, MySpace, and Facebook. They’re also finding their way directly to the email boxes of sales pros through viral marketing technologies and word-of-mouth tools like CareerTours.

3. They’re showing passive candidates what a job within their company looks like before they even walk through the door for an interview. Sales pros will start to see more videos, podcasts, flashy presentations and invitations to visit the company as we move through the next year.

4. They’re blogging. Blogs have proven to be a great way to give passive candidates a feeling for their company’s personality. Employers are increasingly using blogs to express their company’s views on industry trends, share exciting milestones and highlight big accomplishments. All of these things are important to candidates.

Despite a downturn in the economy, experience shows us that sales professionals will remain high in demand. Sales jobs are in abundance at Career Concepts events, on CareerTours and other online recruiting sites, more so than most other industries. Sales professionals always need to be hired to grow business…as nothing happens in a company without a sale.

Aaron Bare is the former CEO of the National Association of Sales Professionals and CareerTours, an online recruiting platform that offers video career postings and a unique viral marketing strategy. See more at http://www.careertours.com.


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