BARE Selling: 30 days to sales success

Incorporate 1 method each day for 30 days:
1. Make it simple today complexity kills sales; simplify everything for your clients 2. You are the CEO of your life today is your day, there is no someday, just do it
3. Focused Intention set a goal, commit to it publicly
4. Create the Dream Pipeline go for the gusto, get excited about your clients, dream BIG
5. What is your Brand? What defines you? How do people see you?
6. Develop a Network Plan pick 100 people to connect to & start dialing
7. Make it a GAME! Life is a game, enjoy the moments
8. Think like your customer create a buying process, never sell
9. Attitude is everything smile, create an attitude of gratitude to multiply sales
10. Be present actively listen, feel the message & be in the moment
11. Get naked be authentic & genuine, share your personality
12. Prepare or despair the game is won on the practice field
13. Manage your leads get real about the opportunities you create, move them on or out
14. Marry a process commit to the same steps each sales call
15. There are no gates, just gate keepers you are a few conversations from anywhere 16. Question with purpose ask questions that take you somewhere
17. Gain agreements ask permission & recognize mutual agreements
18. Seek objections obstacles are created in our minds, objections are opportunities 19. Know your stuff know the frequently asked questions & benefits of each feature
20. Why people change to be happier, smarter, healthier, richer, safer, secure, attractive, & successful
21. How to Influence use authority, commitment, liking, reciprocity, scarcity & social proof
22. Become a Storyteller life is a story and how you define it, tell a good story
23. Make it easy to do business remove the friction & obstacles
24. Negotiate WIN-WIN seek to expand the pie, not slice it
25. What’s next? close sales by exhausting questions & making people comfortable with you
26. Define fulfillment what does delivery of the product or service look like?
27. Pre-empt buyer’s remorse justify value & continue to build relationship
28. Ask for feedback & referrals ask often & repetitively
29. Follow up often use a crm system, call minimally weekly to check in
30. Know the lifetime value of each customer net revenue x average years, treat accordingl

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