Maverick’s at Work – Taylor and LaBarre

A book review:

Maverick’s at Work – Taylor and LaBarre

Their success demonstrates that:
Being different makes all the difference
Sharing value beats selling value
The company with the smartest customer wins
Nobody is as smart as everybody (wisdom of crowds)
Character counts for as much as credentials
Great leaders are insatiable learners

Steps to Maverickism:

1. Not just a company, a cause
2. There are no competitors when it comes to value
3. Open Mind: go to work like it is the first time
4. From selling value to sharing value
5. Sell where your customers are and your competitors are not
6. Brand matters
7. Get the best talent possible; get free agents to become team players
8. Is your design for your workplace as distinctive as your design for your market?

Culture is everything and the leader sets it. Make it simple to follow and lead and get out of the way! Welcome to CareerTours….

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