Books Every Manager Should Read – 1990-1999

1990 Kenichi Ohmae: The Borderless World
1990 Michael Porter: The Competitive Advantage of Nations
1990 Peter Senge: The Fifth Discipline
1990 Richard Pascale: Managing on the Edge
1992 Tom Peters: Liberation Management
1993 Fons Trompenaars: Riding the Waves of Culture
1993 James Champy and Michael Hammer: Reengineering the Corporation
1993 Ricardo Semler: Maverick!
1994 Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad: Competing for the Future
1994 Henry Mintzberg: The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning
1994 James Collins and Jerry Porras: Built to Last
1994 Michael Goold, Andrew Campbell and Marcus Alexander: Corporate-Level Strategy
1995 Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence
1995 David Packard: The H-P Way
1996 Frederick Reichheld: The Loyalty Effect
1996 John Kotter: Leading Change
1996 Robert Kaplan and David Norton: The Balanced Scorecard
1997 Arie de Geus: The Living Company
1997 Stan Davis and Christopher Meyer: Blur
1997 Thomas Stewart: Intellectual Capital
1998 Patricia Seybold:


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