Total Picture Radio

CareerTours Podcast – Word of Mouth Recruiting
A Day in the Life of Aaron Bare, CEO, CareerTours

Aaron Bare”I have CADD, better known as Corporate Attention Deficit Disorder. I learned as much as possible bouncing around as many careers as possible and took as many classes as possible to put myself in a place where I can make a significant difference. Now, it is time to create Frictionless Recruiting and bring CareerTours to the world.” – Aaron Bare

Several weeks ago, CareerTours, the fast growing online recruiting company known for audio & video career “tours” announced it acquired an interest in, an innovator and industry leader in video resumes. According to a CareerTours press release, they will now host more than 15,000 Audio and Video CareerTours on This whole segment of the recruiting industry is exploding, with new video sites launching to take advantage of Gen Y’s preference for using rich media for everything from resumes to talking snowmen. Peter Clayton, host of Total Picture Radio, caught-up with Aaron earlier this week, to find out about the partnership with WorkBlast and how CareerTours is creating, what Aaron refers to as “frictionless recruiting.”

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