Leadership according to Trevor

I was inspired by the leadership writings of Americans Warren Bennis and Tom Peters but the book that made the most impact on me was ‘The Business of Leadership’ by British authors Alan Hooper and John Potter. Sadly their book is no longer in print.

They suggest effective leadership is made up of the following competencies – what I like most is the simplicity of this approach of course.

*Setting direction – (my emphasis – this is vision)
*Setting an example – ( my emphasis – doing what you say)
*Effective communication – (my emphasis – listening as well as telling)
*Creating alignment – (my emphasis – getting people to work together to common objectives)
*Bringing the best out of people – ( my emphasis – valuing others, empowering)
*Leader as a change agent – (my emphasis – sustaining change)
*Decisions and actions in crisis or emergency – (my emphasis – offering calm yet decisive leadership in difficult situations)

Do you think there are other competencies missing from this list?

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