Breakthrough Advertising

By Eugene Schwartz

In 1966 this book was released and a few years back, it went for over $900 on eBay. That is a story that is sticky.

The Simple Rule: Write a HEADLINE and an AD that follows it that will open up an entirely new market for its product.

In 1966 we had few mediums, so the power was in the mass market. Now with so many media outlets, it is about your niche. Although, the basic strategy of persuasion is mass desire, prospects state of awareness, and strengthening your headline.

The 7 Techniques of Breakthrough Advertising

1. Intensification
2. Identification
3. Gradualization
4. Redefinition
5. Mechanization
6. Concentration
7. Camouflage

This is an interesting perspective that does not work today, yet defines much of todays advertising. Advertising is dead, word of mouth marketing rules the market. Some of these rules assist our clients expand awareness of their company. We leverage the headline to draw interest. CareerTours brings a frictionless concept and transparent way to search for employment. Virtual Tours give people a way to experience a company from their own email box.

I LOVE the word Breakthrough. Our clients BREAKTHROUGH with our products because of some of these ancient methods.

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