The 12 Elements of Great Management

The 12 Elements of Great Management (According to Gallup & 2.5 Million People Surveyed)

Element (How we address this element)

Knowing What’s Expected (PDP, Closed loop communications)
The right Materials and Equipment (Tech Plan, Website, Intranet, Email, Clubhouse, CRM, Accounting, VPN, Power Source, Vonage, Wifi, Expense Budget, Moleskine, Rubber Bands, Library, Book and Education Allowance, AIRS, etc.)
The Opportunity to Do What I Do Best (Sales and Marketing Professionals only, PDP allows latitude to build perfect role)
Recognition and Praise (Bonus System, PDP, Closed loop communications, Quarterly and Annual Forwards, Culture of Gratitude)
Someone at Work Cares About Me as a Person (Culture of Caring and Gratitude, Clubhouse, Mentor and Buddy System)
Someone at Work Encourages My Development (PDP, Mentor and Buddy System)
My Opinion seems to Count (Democracy of ideas and opinions, open channels, accountability of business, Open Book Management)
A Connection With the Mission of the Company (Change the way recruiting happens and Frictionless, who can resist?)
Coworkers Committed to Doing Quality Work (Bonuses, PDP, Only the Best of the Best from everyone)
A Best Friend at Work (Social Workplace, Clubhouse and many outings as we grow, Participation in Career Tours is FUN!)
Talking About Progress (Morning huddle, Weekly National Conference Call, Daily Motivation, Quarterly and Annual Forwards)
Opportunity to Learn and Grow (Rapport, Sales and Marketing Mastery, Guerrilla Marketing Certification, NASP Certification)

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