What is Six Sigma?

What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined proven approach for improving business performance. Six Sigma.us is a leading consulting and certification firm supporting companies implementing the Six Sigma Process by offering Six Sigma Training and Six Sigma Certification.

DMAIC stands for Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control. There a step zero before you start and it is six sigma leadership.

Six Sigma is management methodology driven by data.
Six Sigma focuses on projects that will produce measurable business results. For example GE Capital saved $2 Billion in 1999 using Six Sigma.
Six Sigma is based upon improving processes by understanding and controlling variation, thus improving predictability of business processes.
Six Sigma is not just training. Each participant, called a “Belt” (either Black or Green) is required to have a leadership approved project prior to training.
Six Sigma Champions

One thought on “What is Six Sigma?

  1. I like this summary. I blog about six sigma over at qualitas and have always struggled to provide a concise synopsis of the main concepts. Have you have personal experience of using these techniques?

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