Practice the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer

Practice the Power of Intention (by Wayne Dyer)
See the beauty in everything
Find your purpose
Grasp the essence if infinity
Be humble
Banish doubt
Transcend your circumstances
Respect yourself
Monitor your inner dialogue
Be kind
Take no offense
Extend love
Overcome ego’s hold
Express gratitude
Be at peace with everyone
Act of if
Feel abundant
Maintain an attitude of allowing
Create a stress-free life
Attract the right people
Be infinitely patient
Acknowledge your creativity and genius
Listen to your thoughts
Raise your energy vibration
Optimize your health
Convert hate into love
Be receptive
Practice unbending intent
Release others’ expectations
Avoid low-energy substances
Perform anonymous acts of kindness
Forgive everyone
Recognize how you view others
Feel good
Honor your body temple
Think from the end
Surround yourself with high-energy people
Feel superior to no one
Use your imagination
Be aware of your immortal self
Attract what you desire
Detach yourself from your stuff
Radiate serenity and peace
Meditate regularly
Expand your reality
Be a host to God
Let go of your need to have more
Affirm your good health
Appreciate everything and everyone
Change your perception

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