Semester at Sea

In college, I stepped out on the skinny branches to go on an educational program called Semester at Sea. At this point, I had never traveled any further than Winsor, Canada or Nogales, Mexico. Being that I was from Fort Wayne, Indiana, the world was huge and scary to me. So the world to me was something I wanted to get to know and I challenged myself to greatest adventure and period of personal growth. I enrolled not knowing a single person that had attended Semester at Sea. So I began a learning experience that not a single day goes by where I am not blessed from the adventure, experience, education, and open mind that this program created for me. So check out the Semester at Sea Video and enjoy. Enroll if you can or enroll someone. You will change their life forever. This is the type of education you just cannot buy or understand until completion.

Semester at Sea started in the Bahama’s, then went to Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, Japan and returned to Seattle. The program is just over 100 days and when at Sea you have classes from Professors and world leaders such as Desmond Tatu. In port, there are iteniaries that included meeting Nelson Mandela, visiting companies, learning languages, seeing the Great Wall, the Taj Mahal, going on an African Safari, climbing Mountains, University exchanges, putting on a Circus, and many other unique cultural experiences that took you far beyond your comfort zone. To the point, you became comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Nonetheless, other programs that I have participated in that have been intense and valuable are Landmark Forum, European Business Seminar, Casa de Espanol in Guatemala, PSI Seminars Men’s Leadership and Rapport Leadership International Master Graduate Program. All have created the experience I have to be successful every day. How cool is that?


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