Leadership Qualities and Ratings

Rank yourself 1-10 on the following attributes. Focus on improving your scores in these areas and your performance will improve.

Defined Goal or Main Cause: All leaders have a definitive goal or cause, which they support and which is supported by them. They see this goal or cause as greater than themselves and to its fulfillment they commit their lives.

Self control: Self control refers to the ability to keep emotions, physical desires and intellectual thoughts directed towards a given end.

Self Confidence: A high self confidence indicates a strong trust in ones own powers and abilities.

Self Esteem: To esteem yourself is to love yourself unconditionally.

Enthusiasm: Attitude or feeling about life. People who display stong, positive, and excited feelings.

Persistence: Ability to continue ones course despite difficulties, oppositions, and failures.

Creative and Imagination: Refers to unique and fresh approaches to overcoming barriers and problem solving.

Clear Thinking: The ability to organize thought, identify the main parts and keep emotionally laden facts in perspective.

Achiever: An achiever gets results.

Communicator: Ability to communicate ideas simply and by doing so influence others to their way of thinking.

Taking the Initiative: Instigate of change.

Personal Commitment: Personal lives enhance and support the cause or goal for which one works. All resources are stacked towards the achievment of the goal.

Ability to Create Unity: Technique of keeping things in balance and maintaining harmony.

Willingness to do more than paid for: Leaders reach out and do what needs to be done regardless of the amount they are paid.

Courage to make decisions: Leaders do and must make decisions that affect only their own lives but also those of the people around them.


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