Sandleresque Sales Process (Notes)

Sandleresque Sales Process
Process of Disqualification – Go for the “NO”

Main Differentiators

= Predictable

Attitude/Behavior (Empathy) and Ego (Drive)

Vicious Circle

Belief → Judgments → Actions → Results → Interpret → Justification →

Role / Identity Exercise

(Conscious / Subconscious Stickman)


1. Bonding and Rapport
2. Up Front Contract
3. Pain Conversation
4. Money
5. Decision
6. Fulfillment
7. Post Sale

1. Bonding and Rapport – Learn to align with the prospect, such that any emotional impressions and personalities are in our favor.


KEYS: Impressions, Visual Behavior 93% (Body Language and Tonality) 7% Verbal
People buy from people they like and trust
Style is more important than substance

Sell and reflect the Parent (Critical and Nuturing), Adult (Compute), and Child (rebellious, adaptive, and natural)

Aware of Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic

Scale of OK’ness – Ego Disruption

****Permission to Proceed******
2. UFC – Set the Ground Rules, establish agreement in advance as to the ground rules for a specific meeting and outcome.
Thanks for inviting me here.
Agenda – Purpose – Why am I here? Why did you take this time out of your busy schedule?
Objective – What do we want to accomplish here?
Stop – ready to buy (raise hand) or green-yellow-red light
Move Forward – Remove barriers to do business
****Permission to Proceed******

Language Toolbox

Reversing (Simple and Compound)

Simple –
And, so, but, because

That’s interesting, why is that important to you?
Good Question, why did you ask?
I’m glad you asked, how did you think to ask me that?

Negative reversing (Path of least resistance) – The Pendulum

It’s probably not the case here, but
Is it over?
I’m a little surprised by your response…
Your right, this wouldn’t benefit you, would it?

Take Away

I know your busy, did I catch you at a bad time?

Jump Ahead

Let’s pretend I could do something. What were you hoping it would be?

Dummy up

It’s great not to know all the answers (Rookie’s luck – Appliance Salesperson)

Assumptive Questions

Its pretty much a no brainer, huh?

Benefit Questions

Would higher quality candidates be of interest to you?

3. Pain or Pleasure – Find the Emotional Compelling Reason

Uncover what stops a customer from getting to a future state. This includes the motivation and intellectual/emotional reasons.

Pain Funnel

Tell me more…
Could you give me an example of that?
How long have you been dealing with that?
What have you done to fix the problem?
Why do suppose that did not work?
What has it cost you so far?
Are you close to giving up?
How do you feel about that?
Is there anything else?

Pain Matrix

Pain #1 Pain #2 Pain #3
Stated Problem
Impact ($)
Impact Reason

Another way to think about getting below the surface:

Four levels of PAIN

Statement of PAIN / Pleasure (Fear of PAIN)
Impact on Organization
Impact on Professional
Impact on Individual
Commitment to taking Action

More Tools: Response to Objections

Client: Your price is to high…
We don’t need that…
I’m already working with…

You: You must be telling me that for a reason, what is that?

Client: Call me back next week.
I’m too busy.
I don’t have money.

You: Let’s pretend. What would happen if… Why? How? When?


Client: What can you do for me?

You: Maybe nothing.
I’m not sure…
I don’t know..

Client: I don’t think we need to meet?

You: What made you come to that conclusion.

****Permission to Proceed******

4. Money (Budget) – Define if it exist, how much and when to get it.
Round Numbers
That could be a problem

****Permission to Proceed******

5. Decision
****Permission to Proceed******

6. Fulfillment – To present and prove to the prospect that you can solve the pains that are stopping them from achieving their goals.

Fulfillment → Present → Proof → Miracle

Review UFC (Are you still good with this?)
Review 3 Pains and Impact –
How is it going?
Review Money (budget) – Have, Willing, and Able
Review Decision (Who, What, When, How)
Ask questions with your benefits included

PRESENT exactly what they want and how
PROOF with testimonials, back up, how it works, why it works, when it works, where it works, who works with it, what makes it work
REWARD exceeds the RISK = a good BUYER
MIRACLE – go to assumptive close – Obviously, we have the answer to your problem.

(What’s Next?)
****Permission to Proceed******

7. Post Sale – Build a contract for the future
SIGN CONTRACT explain in detail
Re-establish guidelines
Remove any unclear future – timeline
Remove any competitive threats – when my competitor calls you, what are you going to do? PATTERN INTERUPT – NLP
Remove buyers remorse
New Client regeneration
Walk thru process moving forward

Will you introduce me? Call on my behalf? Schedule a lunch with us three?

Stop Light

Other ideas to implement:

Goal Achiever
Mission Control
Power of Influences (QVC)
Profiles Questionnaire
Presentation Flip
Hypnotic Selling
Powerless words (Wishy-Washy language) – kinda, sorta, don’t
Power Conversations (Power Words)
Sales Traction – Pain, Power, Fit Model
Buy vs. Sell
Pattern Interrupt
Humor (Appeal to Child)
Shock Impulse (Appeal to Adult)
Responsible Observer (Appeal to Parent)


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