Harvard Negotiations

Harvard Negotiations

Distributive vs. Integrative (WIN-WIN)
More to come → training at Harvard Law School – Program on Negotiations

Multiphase – multiparty
Value creation through trade

The BATNA – best alternative to negotiated agreement
The reservation price
The point at which you walk away
The ZOPA – Zone of Possible Agreement

Step 1 – Consider what a good outcome would be for you and the other side
Step 2 – Identify potential value creation opportunities
Step 3 – Identify your BATNA and Reservation Price and do the same for the other side
Step 4 – Shore up your BATNA
Step 5 – Anticipate the Authority Issue
Step 6 – Learn everything you can about the other sides people and culture, their goals, and how they’ve framed the issue
Step 7 – Prepare for flexibility in the process, don’t lock yourself into a rigid sequence
Step 8 – Gather external standards and criteria relevant to fairness
Step 9 – Alter the process in your favor – work behind the scenes to educate + reframe your position

Getting on the other side of the table

Offer incentives
Put a price on the status quo
Enlist support

Be prepared for consessionary moves
The ticking clock
Package options for a favorable deal

Signal the end of the road ahead
Allow flexibility if you anticipate going beyond the final round
Discourage the other side from consessions
Write down the terms

Access the resources
Future expectations
Time preference
Risk aversion

Take your time
Continual evaluation – nonlinear negotiation process

Focus on interest, concerns, and proposals

Recognizing Mental Errors
Partisan perceptions
Irrational Expectations
Unchecked emotions

Set of Measures


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