Integrity Selling in a Nutshell

Integrity Selling

Know view of selling, view of ability, values, commitment to activities, and belief in product.

Learn the AID, INC. Model


Tune the world out and people in
Put them at ease and make them feel important
Get them talking about themselves
Hold eye contact and listen to how they feel


People admit a want or need that they want filled or satisfied
They’re willing to talk to you about a solution
You’ve gathered enough information to recommend a solution
You’ve identified the decision maker


Repeat the dominant wants or needs that they have admitted
Show or tell how your product/service fills their wants or needs
Avoid talking about price, make it secondary to finding out what best fills their needs
Ask for their reaction, feelings, or opinions


Translate service features into benefits
Justify price & emphasize value
Offer proof and evidence
Reassure and reinforce people to neutralize their fear of buying


Find out what concerns or objections remain
Welcome and understand objections
Identify and isolate specific objections
Discuss possible solutions – ask their opinion for best solution


Ask trial close questions to get opinion and response
Listen to and reinforce each response
Restate how the benefits will outweigh the cost
Ask for a decision – what’s next?

This is some good stuff!


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