Creating the Ultimate Sales Experience

Creating the Ultimate Sales Experience, tomorrows sales process will look nothing like today’s. Here are a few out of the box things to incorporate to start getting to tomorrow. This turns most of the garbage you know upside down. All will have exponential impact on results. Results is all that matters.

Be honest
Share everything
No secrets
Connect with Clients
Create Tangible Value
Make Memorable Meetings
Know some impact statements
Mix facts into conversations
Get the reward to exceed the risk
Emphasize your key points
Know your key points
Learn your FAQs n FABs inside out
Tie it all to their emotional needs
Sit on their side of the desk
Know their professional goals
Help them to the top
Become an expert
Share resources often
Send articles, showing you care
Express yourself
Always send Thank You Letters
Know some stories to tell
Give a Gratitude Rock
Share your weaknesses
Get emotional
Have fun
Be frictionless
Create a path of least resistence
Laugh and be jovial
Help others
Get feedback
Use nicknames
Make it easy to do business with
Consult your opportunities
Speak from your heart
Match and Mirror
Find common ground
Practice a hobby with them
Share a lead
Offer shelter with trust
Be vulnerable
Seek referrals
Get interested in them
People love to buy
WOW them
Brand “You”
Get Bad Ass Biz Cardz
Be different
Measure everything


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