The Open Mind; Unlocking Success through Thought

Redefining the Open Mind
In the beginning
Common Sense in an Uncommon World
The Platinum Rule – common sense in a nutshell
Attitude is everything, choose it well
Journal everything
Do you have a lot on your mind?
Everything is always complete
Do you know your genius?
What you resist persists
To think is to create
You are always right
There is no someday
You are how you feel
Get unreasonable with your life
There are no problems, only opportunities
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Focus on the golf ball, it’s what matters
Be present (slow down, be aware of what you have)
Your glass is half full – Asset based thinking
Be careful with your thought
Say what you mean, mean what you say
How we spend our days is how we spend our lives
Strive to become the “best of the best”
How we see the world is how the world sees us
Carpe Diem! Seize the day!
View the world with a wide angle lens
No excuses (no stress, no doubt, no fear, no worries, no anxiety)
Love, laugh and live (3 keys to happiness)
Anchor success, eliminate failure
Keep it simple
the minds eye and master whit
building your belief system
developing your known mind
figuring out your unknown mind
connecting to the mass mind
perception is reality
We are our habits
Learning from the rubber band manifesto
Hocus pocus, all you really have to do is focus
You can always do more
Be intentional in everything you do
the idea farm and tank think
the power of thought, words, actions, results
remove obstacles
it’s a game
question everything
invent and reinvent
Learn in between the ears (peel back the never ending onion)
The power of words (hypnotic, proactive, powerful, powerless)
We are a few conversations from anything
Establish rapport; match and mirror
the complete Strategery
Buzzmouth and the Guerilla
Be authentic and genuine
Personality rules
Brand yourself
Who is Buzzmouth?
Surround yourself with the best people possible (network plan)
Stay close to your passions
Hold your head high (confidence not ego)
Create an attitude of gratitude
Compliment everyone, often
What do you have to offer? Showcase strengths, mitigate weaknesses
Enroll everyone
Value integrity, it pays dividends
Make mistakes once
Get down to the nitty gritty (get specific)
Commit to the right activity (good business reason)
Be accountable; keep score
Ask for help
Get off the SS Good Enuf.
Lead by example
Everyone is always selling
Everyone is a potential customer
Create the path of least resistance
Make it easy to do business with
Stand in your customers’ shoes
Prospect relentlessly
Prepare or be in despair
There are no gates, just gatekeepers
Question everything
The greatest salesman in the world
It’s not how you sell, it’s how people buy
Filter; Perception is reality
Appeal to the senses
Know what you’re talking about
Find the facts in the stories
Become a storyteller
Create a dialogue (stoplight)
Be with your customers
Sell it to them for their reasons
Ask permission and gain agreements
Get emotional
How to persuade and influence anyone
There are no objections
Dig to the roots; close the gaps
Create an Experience
Sell to the person, professional and organization
Think win-win-win
Partner with everyone
Results in a company are all through partners
Get naked; share everything
Create the biggest pie and eat a big slice
Seek out the assets in a conversation (key benefits)
Package the options
Know the next step
Under promise and over deliver
Remember the small stuff
Always ask for referrals
Ask for feedback
Become a resource for all those around you
WOW everyone
Follow up
Service everyday
Celebrate often, always
Know the lifetime value of a customer
Define success on your own terms
Results are the only true measure of success
what is success to you?
Be. Do. Have.
Its all a game
Live your word – 4 Toltec Principles
Enjoy the moment
Everything is relative


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